How About Business Migration to Australia?

Australia is one of the most demanding immigration destinations across the world. Its beautiful landscape, sound economic background and rich cultural influences have made it a perfect place to live in. Every year, a large number of people from different corners of the world apply for Australia immigration. This nation provides enormous opportunity for growth to its people and thus it is also known as the Land of Endless Opportunities.People with a business management background, who wish to invest overseas to start a fresh business or purchase ownership interest in an already existing business, for them Australia is a perfect destination. The business immigration program of Australia is a fine gateway to permanent residency for both the applicants and their family.However, to obtain the status of permanent residency in Australia, one has to enter into the nation on a Provisional Visa, which is for the period of 4 years. Once this period is over, one can apply for PR Australia through its Residence Visa programs.Territory/State SponsorshipAustralia promotes investment in businesses in regional and rural areas. The nation provides Territory and State government sponsorship for businessmen who can contribute in the economic growth of these places. Territory and State sponsorship is made available for every Provisional and Resident Visa Class, they are:Temporary or Provisional Visa categories:Business Owner Visa
Senior Executive Visa
Investor Visa
Business Visitor VisasBusiness Owner VisaThis particular visa allows businessmen with ownership interests in businesses to live in this Land of Kangaroos for the period of up to 4 years and to invest or establish a business over there. Business Owner (Provisional) Visa is a temporary visa. Once you have obtained an ownership interest in any business in Australia for the period of 4 years, you will be able to apply for permanent resident status through the Business Owner (Residence) visa program.Senior Executive (Provisional) VisaUnder the Senior Executive (Provisional) Visa category, senior executives who have experience in management in bigger overseas corporations may be issued with a 4 year temporary visa. Once they have come to Australia, these immigrants are required to invest a significant amount of funds in an Australian business or establish a new business over there. One can apply for PR Australia through the Business Owner (Residence) visa category, once immigrant received an ownership interest in any business in the nation.Investor (Provisional) VisaThis visa is issued to those who have an ownership or portfolio of significant investment in any business and who are ready to invest minimum A$750,000 in Australia bonds for the period of 4 years. Once the immigrant has maintained an investment for a 4-year period in Australia or established a business with an ownership interest, he/ she can apply for Australia PR via the Investor (Residence) or Business Owner (Residence) visa.Business Visitor VisasIf you intend to come to Australia for a period of 3 month or less than this, with a purpose to attend conferences of business or to look for opportunities for businesses, then you should apply for the business visitor visa. However, to qualify for a Short Stay Business Visa, you will have to show that:For the purpose of business, you have to travel to Australia, and
You have personal attributes and a background of business which is relevant and consistent with the nature of the proposed business in the country.Residence Visa categories:Business Talent (Migrant) Visa
Business Owner (Residence) Visa
Investor (Residence) Visa
Existing Australian BusinessBusiness Talent (Migrant) VisaBusiness Talent (Migrant) visa is provided to those, who have a successful career in business with sponsorship from the Territory or State government of Australia. The applicants of this visa category are expected to have substantial ownership in any business and be involved the business management once they have come to Australia. However, the applicant of this visa doesn’t have to apply for any provisional visa to apply for business talent (migrant) visa. This particular visa is provided only to those, who receive sponsorship from an Australian State or Territory government.Business Owner (Residence) VisaThis visa is issued to people with an ownership interest for minimum 2 years period in an Australian company to permanently immigrate to Australia. To become eligible for Business Owner (Residence) Visa, the applicant has to hold one of these Provisional visas:Senior Executive (Provisional) visa
Investor (Provisional) visa
Business Owner (Provisional) visaInvestor (Residence) VisaImmigrants holding an Investor visa (Provisional) who have invested for the period of 4 years in an Australia business can apply for PR of the country. The eligibility criteria for this visa category include:The applicant must be staying in Australia on one of the Investor (Provisional) visa.
The applicant must be on an Investor (Provisional) visa for minimum 2 years period within total 4 years period before submitting application for PR.
The applicant should be genuinely committed to run the business or investment activities in Australia.
Both the applicant and his/her spouses shouldn’t have any inappropriate business history.Existing Australian BusinessThe Existing Australian Business visa is provided to those individuals who have been the owner of any business in the country for minimum period of 18 months. They can easily apply for PR Australia.