Social Media Solutions That Can Earn You A Six Figure Income?

Whatever your financial goals are online, the proper social media solutions when implemented daily will allow you to reach those goals.The problem for most is that they simply do not know the exact social media solutions to follow.Maybe you have heard that Facebook and social media will generate leads but you don’t completely understand the power of blogging.Maybe you understand keyword research but have not discovered exactly how to drive unlimited leads to your blog by spending one hour with proper syndication immediately after publishing your blog post.The many people that I mentor are in awe with the income they realize after a short period of time because they had reached a point in thinking it simply was not possible, it is and you can achieve the same with the proper strategies.So where do you start?First off realize that affiliate and network marketing companies are an awesome way to build a tremendous income online, If you stay away from the tools they offer.Those tools are there to build their list, their database and their business. Yes you get the bread crumbs with a commission check but true wealth starts with your business, your blog and your list.I am going to walk you through a proven formula that I assure you is being used by myself and others within the top 3% earners online. From there as you gain more knowledge you will simply need to implement these strategies to realize a life of a strong and consistent income working from home.The amount of time you spend each day within your business is of course up to you, but you need daily consistent effort like any other business. Here are the strategies used by those reaching their goals:• Setting up a blog properly for search engine optimization• Setting up a high converting marketing funnel that includes:1. A free gift for your visitors2. Capture pages for your visitors to opt in to your list• Keyword research that I assure you will get you ranked on page one of Google with 50%-75% of your blog post leading to an avalanche of leads• Setting up your blog post for SEO which would include:1. Placing your keywords in the title2. Placing your keywords within the first sentence of your blog post3. Placing your keywords once for every 100 words within your post4. Setting up a category for the specific post that has your keyword in it5. Using the free plugin called All in One SEO to place your title, description and keywords in• Understanding how to dominate any niche within 30 days by creating several blog post within the same niche with different keywords• Proper syndication of your blog post that will generate hundreds of visitors to your blog each dayEverything you need to earn any amount of income you desire is within the bullet points above. First off it is like any business in the world, you set it up correctly and you will have lifetime income.While it may look like a lot, your business can be set up within a matter of days when you find the right social media solutions that offer you many of the tools and strategies listed above.Once your business is set up, you are able to perform simple daily strategies to build your business into an empire of size that you determine.Let’s just take one example above to show you the power of using the proper strategies. Niche marketing will get you ranked on page one of Google for hundreds of keywords by simply post three to four post to your blog that are within the same niche.By simply interlinking them and performing the keyword research, Google will reward you highly with traffic from keywords you never ever thought of.If your true desire is to earn replacement type income you need to have a daily blueprint of very specific strategies that you should implement, and a professional marketing funnel.