7 Ways to Build Your Social Media Empire (Ahem, Your Marketing Plan)

1-Think of your business goals. How can you expand them with social media?
a) Do you want to generate more leads for your services?
b) Build a strong prospect/client base of raving fans?
c) Build brand awareness?
All of these and five more possibilities exist for your business. What’s your goal?2–Create a Facebook Business Page-this is separate from a profile page. This allows you to put your business on Facebook -where 600 million people spend upwards of 500 billion minutes a month!3-Open a Twitter account-the Egyptian Revolution was tweeted.
Business people make and nurture millions of connections through it every day. By creating following quality people, you’ll attract quality followers who share similar interests and business goals. You can even nurture leads and people you meet at business card exchanges. Create lists to keep similar topics together and use tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to manage your Twitter stream.4-Beef up your Linked In profile -no longer just an “online resume”, Linked In is now a vibrant social media site complete with active groups of topical interest. You can post presentations, portfolios and use it to drive prospects to you.5-Make a plan for your content. What will you post? How often? Many small business owners worry about this but if you think about ways to add value to the lives of your prospects, you’ll find lots of things to share and/or write about.Some idea generators are -share articles, videos and posts from experts in your industry. Offer a tip of the day or week. For example, an organizer might share tips on staying (or getting) organized. Make a short how to video. The possibilities are endless once you get started.6-Promote your new social media presence-add the Facebook and Twitter “badges” to your website. Add the Facebook “like” button to your blog. Add your Facebook url and Twitter handle to your email signature file. There are many ways to promote your social media presence. Use them.7-Track the results-at the end of the day it all comes down the bottom line.Is your social media marketing working? How will you know?
“Soft” measurements are harder to track, for example, your prospect engaged on Facebook and referred your best client to you but the client never used your Facebook page.Yet there are plenty of measurement tools available, from simple spreadsheets to complex tools that chart all your “likes” and comments. Use them to know what your prospects want more of. For example, on Facebook look to see what’s getting the most responses. Does your audience love how to videos and ignore more traditional “educational” posts? Give ’em more of what they want. They’ll thank you for it!